Fellowship in Buddhism & Psychiatry

BEFC had donated two annual Fellowships in Buddhism and Psychiatry that were awarded to Dr. Dr. Albert Nguyenhoang Allen MD, FRCPC and Dr. Nicolas Beaulieu MD, FRCPC.

We are currently helping the Faculty of Medicine at the University to Toronto to fundraise for multi-year support for this Fellowship. In addition to being able to deepen the understanding of Buddhism in Psychiatry, this Fellow will have more time to be involved in meaningful research projects, which would require multi-year commitment, to contribute to the scientific knowledge in this interdisciplinary field. If you are interested to be part of this exciting opportunity, please let us know by emailing us at admin@buddhistedufoundation.com or contact our President Chris Ng at 416-910-4858 to discuss a potential co-sponsorship of this Fellowship.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the wisdom of Buddhism from the east to be integrated into the western understanding and practice of psychiatry so as to bring about innovative approaches to help people who suffer from mental illness, a global human problem that could benefit from this cross-cultural perspective. The Fellow will be co-supervised by:

Kenneth Fung, MD FRCPC MSc FAPA FCPA, Psychiatrist, Professor, University of Toronto 
https://psychiatry.utoronto.ca/faculty/kenneth-fung and
Henry Shiu, PhD, Shi Wu De Professor in Chinese Buddhist Studies, University of Toronto

Please see the Funding Proposal and the Impact Report by the most recent Fellow Dr. Nicolas Beaulieu for further details.